Monday, 29 April 2013

My first trip to Minsmere this year. 23rd April 2013.

I'll admit it now, I've not been out to photograph or birdwatch at all this year. Infact I will to say not since after my holiday in Wales back in Oct 2012. Bad of me, I know.
However, what with weather and work, it not been the easiest hobby to make time for of late. That and spring to was a little while to get going what with all that snow we have had, snow, rain....blah. Anyway....without making more excuses I did get an opputunity to go out for an afternoon walk around my fav RSPB reserve in the county, Minsmere.
I arrived with the weather feeling lovely and warm and a fairly clear sky. Took a stroll right round the reserve and finally settle down in the Island Mere hide in the hopes of catching sight of my first Bittern of the year.
I did however get a few distant shots of a Female Wheatear off the beach near East hide on my walk round.
I settled down in the hide and enjoyed the light warm breeze coming through the window, the sun was shining low in the sky giving everything a lease of life and glow. The rich colours of the reeds and plants seemed all that more vivid. The sounds of water and wildlife where a very relaxing backing track. I did have to wait long for my quay. On the left hand side of hide, where the reeds stopped and the water began, came out a Male Bittern. He made his way down the edge of the reeds fishing as he went.
Now without coming across big headed or nothing, I have taken my fair share of Bittern photographs. However catching a Bittern with a fish in its mouth has eluded me for some time. Thankfully, patience is a vertue, and practice makes perfect. I took up a good position and started photographing. The results were worth it:


All in all a lovely experience once again from Minsmere. I'd seen the manager, Ian Barnthorpe a few hours before hand and had explained this was my first trip this year which he ageknowledged but also said that it was early days and that I would get something soon enough.
Boy was he right. Thanks Ian.
Kind regards,

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