Tuesday, 30 April 2013

My first rare of the year and a first for Suffolk. 27th April 2013.

It was a Friday night, and I thought I would just pop onto BINS Click here and see if there was anything interesting that had appeared during the day.
To my pleasant surprise there was! An Eastern Subalpine Warbler had landed down at my local patch of Languard Common and was showing well for people. Funny, it supposed to be in Morocco!
I mentioned this to my wife and said I'd pop down there in the morning before we went off and did anything.
Sure enough I got up the next day and headed down to find a ever growing crowd of people looking at it and got some lovely photo's of a very obliging bird.

Kind regards



  1. Wow, great bird! Lovely set of photos too.

  2. I'm here at last John!!
    What a cracking bird and a first for the county is very special indeed! Well done on getting some decent pictures of it also.