Tuesday, 21 May 2013

A trip to Minsmere (not the first, wont be the last!)Tuesday 30th April 2013

Just a short entry here.

I popped to RSPB Minsmere back at the end of April (because, yes I'm that behind in my blog of late) to see what was what and hoped to get a sighting and photograph of the Garganey Drake that Bird Guides had alerted me too that morning. And I should have gone that morning too. Because when I did get there, the sun was starting to get low in the sky and made it all but impossible to get a clear image of anything behind South Hide onto that part of the scrape which is where they were supposed to be residing. However I did get a sighting of the Ferruginous Duck that had been residing there for some time now. But no Garganey Drake.

However not all was lost. I was informed on returning to the Visitors centre that a Tawny Owl had taken up station in a tall tree in the small forest not too far from the centre. So I took myself down there and sure enough found a small group of people craning their heads up looking into a pine tree. It was a pretty windy day so the tree canopy was moving about alot, which actually helped because as the branches moved their in a folk of the tree sat the owl, asleep!! Quiet how it was able to hold on in the wind let alone sleep is a bit beyond me, but sleeping it was.

I set myself up in a clearing which gave me a good angle to the bird and just waited for the branches to move out the way and started photographing. Their not great, but least I know have a documentable photo of a Tawny Owl.

It was clear the bird was in no mood to move, so I left others to watch it and head back to the centre, before I did I made my way round to the discovery area as I had been told to listen out for a Garden Warbler. And sure enough I heard it. Lovely song. I even got a fleeting glimpse of it too. So not too bad for a trip to my favourite reserve.
Can't wait to go again when the chance arises. I love Minsmere. It has never let me down in all the trips I have done (and i have done alot!)

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